Failure, Understanding, Care (& Kunst) is an overarching project initiated by artists Ruth Alexander Aitken and James S. Lee. F,U,C(&K) uses the constraint of radical environmental-conscientiousness as a means of abandoning the readily available and seeking out new creative paths for art making and exploration.

It upholds Failure, Understanding and Care as the means to an environmentally friendly and exciting art.


  1. No use of air travel to transport artists for exhibitions/presentations or to transport art- works or materials to be used for the project.
  2. Art works included in the projects shall be made from re-used, re-appropriated or recycled materials. Items used in the production of the projects should not be shop bought (unless the item will expand the life-cycle or protect the life of other items in the projects, if required by the artist).
  3. There will be no use of electricity inside the project space apart from electricity generated from renewable sources.

The Arctic Agency for Environmental Research Methodologies and Artistic Practice is a curatorial base for this research, situated in a 1960’s caravan, based in Tromsø, Northern Norway. It is currently located in Folkeparken Friluftsmuseet, Tromsø. All artists curated are subject to the rules of the project.

Rather than making art about the environment, or about ecological crises, we hope this project highlights and utilises the constraints of working with environmental care as another means of exploring the universal issues which artists will continue to explore, regardless of situation. Our wish is not to critique but to do. We hope to disregard the common sense pragmatism, which leads us to short term ‘practical’ decisions which reinforce an environmentally damaging status quo, instead trying to engage the radical as plausible, creative and within reach.

The project has been funded by the Norwegian Arts Council’s Project Support (Prosjektstøtte visuell kunst, og Prosjektstøtte til miljø – og klimakrise- kunst og kultur), and with additional support from Tromso Kommune in 2020.