DuoDuo are Humle Rosenkvist (Swe) & Asta Tutavae (Den).

In August 2020, DuoDuo will be in ‘residence’ at The Arctic Agency for Environmental Research Methodologies and Artistic practice, located in Folkeparken, Tromso.

DuoDuo shall take advantage of the location of the caravan ( at a south point of the island, away from the city centre, in a popular jogging and dog-walking spot, a beautiful public park called Folkeparken) and invite the public to partake in different activities during this period with them. Their practice over the past several years has often involved this invitation to partake in, enjoy and reflect on communally undertaken activities with an audience.

As part of this practice, DuoDuo make all kinds of humorous ‘made for two’ artworks. For example, they make matching dresses, dinnerware and to-be-played-games. They’ll be bringing these different kinds of handmade props with them to northern Norway, such as invented board-games and dinnerware, for their ‘holiday’ with the intention of mimicking the kinds of activities one might do on a typical caravan holiday.

The project will adapt to the weather, retreating inside the caravan if required, continuing the activities inside, but intending to take the performances and offers of games and food related ‘happenings’ outside of the caravan and into Folkeparken itself.

This project has been kindly supported by NNKS, and would not be possible without their financial support.